Our first goal is to be your business partner.  We take pride and ownership in serving your company. We can create, or work with, your concept to make your project a success.  With 2 Emmy awards, our team has proven we know how to make your message happen.  We produce, direct,  edit, create graphics, and deliver projects on a daily basis that create results and we’d love to do that for you.  We will not go on about what gear we use, an iphone can capture amazing stories in the right hands and a Arri Alexa can look aweful in the wrong hands.  We have the hands, and minds, to use any image capturing device to tell your story…that said and all joking aside we use the gear that is appropriate for the look and feel of your message whether that be an Arri, Red, Phantom, or DSLR….just like our team, we tailor that to your message and goals.


We love to shoot photos, and many times clients ask if we can provide video on set as well.  Funny they should ask, we do both.  In order to keep a cohesive look and eliminate differences in style we will work with art directors, marketing folks and anyone whom is helping to create your vision.  Commercially driven shots to support marketing campaigns are our focus, however we are happy to provide any support that you might require for your still photography projects.



“Our Company has worked with Kent and his Company ARK Films for many years. In that time we have grown to think of Kent as an important business partner. ARK Films has certainly contributed to the successes of many of our projects and ultimately the success of the business. Kent has developed a trust and connection with anyone he works with here at Husqvarna. He’s had the opportunity to get to know many of our employees and been involved in every area of the business. This has really allowed Kent to understand our business and, more importantly, understand our culture and our people. ARK Films fits with Husqvarna because they have a value system that we continue to strive for which is an attitude of accountability and a culture driven off of performance. Kent has the ability to take our message and turn it into something that connects with whatever audience we are speaking to and he just simply makes us look good.”

Debbie Slocum

V.P. Human Resources at Husqvarna Construction Products, Husqvarna

“I hired Kent Allison to do some video work that is used to market our business to artists and managers in the entertainment industry. His creative vision, and ability to get this vision into the videos, is very impressive. Kent handles the artists that we work with in the most professional manner and is well respected by them because of this. Kent has proven to be honest, trustworthy and completely dependable, seeming to be more of a business partner than a vendor. I highly recommend Kent Allison for any projects that you may have.”

Scott Holmen

Technology Executive. Consultant. Investor

“Kent is an extremely valuable business partner. He makes and effort to know the business and results you require and uses his creative capabilities, organizational strengths and work ethic to make sure our projects are what we ask for.  I would recomend Kent for any project of any size or scope.”

Steve Chamberlin

President Americas, Husqvarna

“Kent Allison is one of the best producers in the business! It is always a pleasure working with Kent because every time his productions are locked down and he has thought out all of the possible pit falls that might happen on production. He is fair, honest and straight forward with all of his clients and vender’s. Kent is one great producer! Can’t wait to work with him again!”

Craig "Burnie" Burns

Owner Burnie's Grip and Lighting, San Diego Grip and Lighting, Burnie's Grip and Lighting

“When video or film projects require a truly creative professional, Kent is my go to guy. I’ve worked on countless projects for the past 10 years with Kent and I can assure you that there is no better all-around producer, writer, editor, DP…you name it for the job. What you’ll notice in the first 5 minutes with Kent is that he’s honest and extremely dedicated to every job he takes on…and I challenge you to find someone who would say different about him. As far as diversity of projects, Kent has worked them all for me…and never delivered anything but the best! If you’re thinking of using ARK films…don’t even hesitate!”

Steve Gutekunst

Multi-Media Communications Manager at WellPoint, Gutekunst Productions


We dedicate ourselves to your success.  ARKFILMS…a full service production company ready to meet all of your media creation needs. We’re currently accepting new client projects. We can help. We’d love to hear from you. (760) 481-9481